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View our 2018 financial prospectus brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offered.

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About Us

Proaug was founded in 2018. All are practicing Electrical & mechanical engineers with extensive background in product development of medical devices and industrial product development.

They decided to incorporate, and the mission for the company was clear: Turn the client’s vision into successful product, and do it better than anyone else. Proaug was fortunate to attract the attention of some important clients early in our history. Since then, Proaug has designed products for some of the largest companies in India.

Proaug continues to pursue new opportunities in diverse markets. Consumer Electronics still makes up a healthy percentage of our portfolio. While we maintain a core competency in commercial/industrial handheld electronics, we increasingly focus on medical devices and energy systems.

Whenever the opportunity arises, we give special attention to projects that are harder to categorize: Lifesaving medical devices, Advance manufacturing. We hope you will take the time to peruse our product design and development portfolio. Please contact us and learn how Proaug is engaged with clients and there products.

Name Origin

Proaug (Product Augmentation), “The action or process of making product development to their next level”.

The tools we use are a bit different, but we like to think that we carry on the tradition

What Is an Engineering Consulting Company?

Proaug were founded with a clear mission in mind: Turn the client’s vision into successful product, and do it better than anyone else. To complete this goal, we wear many hats.

The way we provide our engineering consulting services varies for each client, since each project is different.

  • A product design firm
  • A product development company
  • Supplier and industrialization experts
  • A quality engineering firm
  • Testing and Verification support

How we offer these services varies by each client we serve. Proaug works with clients to develop a custom solution, one that will meet their needs.

Engineering Consulting

An easier way rather than trying to describe ourselves as a product design and development company with many different hats and custom solutions, we often say that we offer engineering consulting services. Often, the term “engineering consulting services” makes people think of mechanical engineering. That is one of our core competencies. But of course, the value Proaug brings to our customer extends beyond mechanical product design. Proaug can provide complete design solutions by leveraging an extensive network of partners who specialize in hardware, software, prototyping and manufacturing.

Innovative Engineering Consulting

A key part to our success is Innovation. Proaug prides itself on being able to provide innovative engineering and design solutions for our customers’ problems.

Proaug engineers are experienced inventors on over 12 years of experience in various departments ranging from medical devices, electromechanical devices to software and extending across a wide range of products.